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Quality and Tradition


Gold Leaves Tokyo was established by ARROW Planning Co.,Ltd. which was launched as a design business division of MURATA KIMPAKU GROUP as a strategic brand targeting oversea markets.  We conduct product development based in Tokyo and deploy our excellent products to the rest of the world.

Gold tattoo seal is a jewelry in which only 90% gold or higher is used. We also handle various kinds of gold leaves including three nines edible gold which is used for traditional crafts, cooking, sake, sweets etc.

Quality Assurance

The quality of our gold leaf products is guaranteed by trust and accomplishment of a long-established company, MURATA KIMPAKU (since 1865).  We are also certified for ISO9001 and ISO14001based on the ISO Standards and deal with quality assurance and environmental preservation with responsibility at all times. 

Our mission is to get our customer feel familiar to gold leaf and to continuously make things that satisfy our customers while raising the banner of “MADE IN JAPAN/JAPANESE BRAND.

History of Kanazawa Gold Leaf  

Kanazawa Gold Leaf –The Technique to make it 1/10,000 thiCk

It was in the second year of the Bunroku era (1593) that we began to make leaf in kanazawa under the direction of Toshiie Maeda, the founder of the Kaga clan. In its history Kanazawa Leaf has passed through many crises: in the Edo era the Tokugawa shogunate controlled the production of leaf by the Leaf Control Ordinance, and during World War 2 it had a hard time to survive. But Kanazawa Leaf has survived successfully and now Kanazawa has become the number one region of leaf production.

The climate, humidity and excellent water of Kanazawa had encouraged the leaf production and helped to carry on its tradition. Today Kanazawa leaf is recognized and accepted around Japan, and since 1977 it has been designated by Ministry of International Trade and Industry as an essential material for the production of Buddhist altars and various craftswork.

1 - Dissolve gold ground metal and the silver of a small quantity, copper ground metal by the high fever of about 1300 degrees in the dissolution fireplace, and make the gold alloy of the fixed form.

2 - The ingot is pressed to make a very thin foil (1/100mm) in a rolling machine.

3 - The foil is cut into squares of 6cm, which are called “koppe” Each square foil “koppe” is put between special papers, wrapped in a leather bag and beaten by machine.

4 - The foil is shifted to large papers, and eventually beaten into a very thin (1/1000mm) square of 20 cm.

5 - A stretched foil is divided into 11.2 parts. Each part is put in leaf beating papers. A set of 1800 parts is wrapped in a leather bag.


6 -It is beaten by machine for three minutes, then is left for fifteen minutes to cool the heat. This same process is repeated over again. Each leaf becomes much thinner (1/1000mm).

7 -Each leaf is cut into a standard size.

8 - Finally, each peace of cut gold leaf is placed between square of paper, and bundles of 100 sheets are tied up with string.



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